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IMPORTANT MESSAGE. Getting your car windscreen replaced at the cheapest possible price is not always a good idea. You get what you pay for. really cheap replacement or repair price means cheap job. At Mr Chip you get great competitive prices with a job finished to the highest possible standards. We always put your safety first every time. So why bother trying to save a fiver here or a tenner there, just give Mr Chip a call and get the job you deserve. The windscreen is a very important part of the vehicles structure; if the car glass is not replaced correctly it could leak in water, start rusting or come away from the vehicle in an road traffic accident.

Here at Mr Chip our car windscreen replacement and repair prices are the cheapest for you the people of Blackpool, Lancaster, Preston, Lancashire and the UK. Why not fill in our Online quote form or just give us a call and find out how much our cheap replacement and repair cost really are. Our Online quote form is designed to make your experience with Mr Chip easy and fast, we guarantee that you will be contacted about your vehicle replacement or repair problems within 30 minutes. Claiming for Car windscreen replacements could affect your no claims and your premium on your car insurance, so I always say to my customers “phone and make sure claiming for your car glass replacement won`t affect your car insurance”, because it can. We don’t do any car replacement or repair work for the insurance companies, so we give you the third party insured customer or students or people who just don`t want to take the risk of claiming cheap windscreen replacement prices. Just phone for a quote and see how cheap our prices really are. Our windscreen replacement and repair cost are cheap but that doesn’t mean you get a cheap job, no you get a life time guarantee and a job finished to the best possible standards.